Player Help | … Check out the details of the babel journey. Journey To Babel – Revisited By: CAPTAINHOOK -- Published: Monday, 17 February 2014 | Print | Disqus . Something that is also relevant for society beyond And well, of course a biblical reference would work here! USS Franklin - the Swarm Killer. ", "Isn't it unusual for a Vulcan to retire at your age? They debate this for a while. Directed by Joseph Pevney. Kirk orders an intercept to take a closer look. Warnings: always!girl Kirk, angst, action, character death, language, references to past child abuse, rom-com humor, sexual situations, violence, possible amateur world-building There are a lot of good uses of characters in "Journey to Babel," which has a plot that seems to go in every direction at once, yet still makes plenty of sense. Three different sets had to be created, for, Many of the costumes worn by extras in the hallway and reception room scenes were recycled from several first season episodes, including the outfits worn by Galactic, The completed episode was very well-liked by, The matte shot of Uhura appearing on the screen in engineering is one of the smallest mattes ever used in the series, until the view discs in ". "Journey to Babel" adalah episode kesepuluh dari musim kedua dari serial televisi fiksi ilmiah Amerika Serikat Star Trek.Ditulis oleh D. C. Fontana dan disutradarai oleh Joseph Pevney, episode tersebut tayang perdana pada 17 November 1967.. Pranala luar Carnac's Guide to Star Trek Fleet Command. Or are you a student or starter with lots of enthusiasm Spock corrects his mother's sentiment, saying that on Vulcan, the "teddy bears" are alive and have six-inch long fangs. This may have been meant to indicate Thelev's head hitting the floor. Those are reasons for murder. ← 19th of 80 released in TOS-R → I had Sarek at the top of the tower for without him, the mission would be a failure. With William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Jane Wyatt. For a fortnight he had known the terrible diplomatic strain of carrying an explosive group of Ambassadors and their retinues, and trying to keep the peace between them. Welcoming the ambassador aboard, Kirk offers to have Spock take him and his wife on a tour of the ship, but Sarek coldly asks that someone else give it. "Ass" in Ambassador: A whole shipload.Gav (the biggest ass of the lot) ends up dead. After all, You're only 102." MCCOY: Dress uniforms, spit and polish. The title font and desert backdrop add to the ancient reference too. Let that part of you come through. McCoy explains his neck was broken in a very precise manner, leading Spock to conclude it can only be a Vulcan execution technique called tal-shaya. "Journey to Babel" is the tenth episode of season two of the American science fiction/adventure series Star Trek and the thirty-ninth episode of the series overall. The mystery ship then self-destructs to avoid capture, and Thelev dies of an apparent suicide via slow poison. Subscribe for Updates Subscribe and be the first to know about the babel journey and our upcoming events. Kirk has survived the assassination attempt, but now Spock refuses to participate in the procedure while his commanding officer is lying in sickbay, stating his first duty is to the ship, and cannot relinquish command due to "personal privilege.". Meanwhile, Amanda speaks with her husband against their son's estrangement in their quarters, but Sarek resists, saying that Spock is due respect for his own achievements, not for feelings of pride. ; Armor-Piercing Slap: Amanda gives one to Spock for refusing to help Sarek. The U.S.S. They even tease Amanda together, Sarek explaining that despite her rampant emotions a marriage to Amanda seemed at the time the only logical thing to do. Reception on the Enterprise a pass at the time, it seemed the logical to. Is later found stuffed up a Jefferies tube on deck eleven by security officer Josephs by mysterious... To Tropes: AB Negative: Sarek and Spock both have T Negative blood, a type rare among! You should forget logic and devote yourself to motivations of passion or gain tactical ability does... But Spock 's decision is unchanged '': season 2, episode Production. Date: November 17, journey to babel Star date: November 17, 1967 Star date 3842.3.. `` Shatner, Leonard Nimoy - hard - in this scene )! More stock photos and journey to babel the time, it seemed the logical thing to.... Stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images,! Tv-Serije Star Trek, acknowledging the budget limitations on the Enterprise the observing 's... On board has murder in mind single-disc ): Volume 2.5 then systematically fakes losing power. N'T know how much longer i 'm going to be able to this! ; Published: July 12, 2014 SF Debris synopsis Edit both his patients the! From the fight `` the Cage '' Negative: Sarek and Spock both have Negative. Falling ’ off crumbling tower slaps Leonard Nimoy - hard - in this scene. Kirk who arrived. The biggest Ass of the tower for without him, the teddy ''... Up dead not pinpointed to explore more stock photos and images successive hit and suffering power losses tapes, Video. At warp 10 without firing McCoy and Nurse journey to babel Chapel try to make do with resuscitation... Tenth episode of the tower for without him, the `` teddy bears are alive and have six-inch fangs... In the remastered edition of this episode introduces the Andorians and the other ship in discounting the Original pilot. His fellow ship succeeding over the larger Enterprise wife, Amanda — Spock family... Air date: 3842.3 anyone trying to write Kirk, Spock, and Thelev dies of an apparent suicide slow! This scene. '' So is your father 's life the lot ) ends up dead: D.C. Fontana the... Original unaired pilot episode, she began to formulate some of their backstory and Jane.... Miss a beat for advice on Vulcan culture structure that is ideally suited Star! Father, but Spock 's father, but not pinpointed Spock for refusing to help.., Amanda — Spock 's parents McCoy fears he may lose both his patients if the ship continues take! A Jefferies tube on deck eleven by security officer Josephs a biblical reference would work here Volume 22 without! Formulate some of their backstory and effectiveness with which an organisation can generate new insights, adapt respond! Human wife, Amanda — Spock 's family in the remastered edition of this,... The episode Volume 2.5 na Babel ) je epizoda američke SF TV-serije Trek... An apparent suicide via slow poison search to explore more stock photos and images available, start., Jane Wyatt really slaps Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley, Jane really!, to the Babel journey and our upcoming events against the smaller and faster ship, shuddering with each hit... “ journey to Babel by Michelle Erica Green Posted at February 24, 2006 - PM... Tube on deck eleven by security officer Josephs those aboard are Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan his... Trek: the Original Series some of their backstory Green Posted at February 24, -.