“All grapes, even ‘seedless’ varieties, have seeds. J). You can buy whichever type of grape you want. I have returned to my native country of Afghanistan from Washington DC to start a farm. The plants look wonderful and have come back every year with many leaves, never any fruit? This is one reason why most vines don't produce grapes … Filed under: growing grapes • how to grow grapes. Can Using A Cellphone At A Gas Station (Petrol Pump) Cause An Explosion? The only way you can grow seedless grapes is if you can get some buds, canes or cuttings from another grower or nursery, who has seedless grapes. I hope you and your family a merry x-mass and a happy new year. Thus, a flower transforms into a fruit when the ovary becomes a fruit and the ovule growing inside it becomes a seed. He will take cuttings and propagate it. The great thing is you get instant access, no matter where you live or what time it is;  even if it is 2am in the morning! 8:46 am. It turns out that most fruits today do not come from seeds.