Still have questions? How do you deal with being left out and feeling no one cares? If I wanted to wear a bikini, i would be screwed. Most I have tried and had some funny reactions. They are totally ruined with a huge crater left from the burn. 1. I too have old self harm scars, and whenever I went for job interviews I would cover my arms, but once in work I learned to expose my arms if it was hot for example. They're all pretty wacky, but your scars are probably pretty obvious so sometimes it's easier to be funny in serious and uncomfortable times. Here are a few serious and a few funny excuses for having self harm scars. Posted by 9 months ago. Table of … What does Tom Cruise's meltdown (rant) the other day reveal about his personality, character, mental state, etc.? It only takes a single act of self-harm to potentially leave a life-long scar on your body. Archived. I've tried Mederma and Vitamin E oil on the scars, but it doesn't seem like they're going anywhere anytime soon. I've made a lot of positive improvements in my life since then and self-injury is no longer an issue. I quit, but I still have scars and sometimes people ask about it). Self-Harm Scars? 0 Online. Why arnt my fordyce spots on my penis going away after using coconut oil and lavender oil and tree tea oil? I have tiny pimples that show up everywhere on my body. Children are naturally inquisitive and freely ask questions. Though the suggested videos that come up with that may be pretty triggering so watch at your risk. Does anyone have any reasonable excuses for these? My scars are victory. When people ask about your self harm scars it can be super tricky so I just wanted to give you guys some suggestions on what to say. For those who struggle with painful, emotional issues, self-injury is a way to release their internal suffering and cover up feelings that are not easy for them to express. Really hope these help! Im not sure how well these will work, but when I used them it worked, so here they are. Self-Injury Support Group. I’m sure many people have connected the dots. I'm ok now though :) Excuses for self harm scars? I haven't been swimming in years, im far too self concious about my appearance anyway, and with SH scars on my legs as well I never plan on swimming again, or letting people see my body, not that anyone would want to anyway . 7 years ago. Send to Friend. Still have questions? Excuses for cutting scars on legs? Some people thinks that cutting means the person is crazy, so being open with her and not making up stories will show her that you're not secretive at all (secretiveness adds to the illusion of craziness). Excuses for super obvious scars? But it's a coping skill that exists among many people. It can be difficult knowing how to explain scars to children, and what you say to them will depend on your relationship with them, their age, and their maturity. Pay attention to any talk about self-injury. Any ideas I can use for excuses if this happens again? 20,501 Posts. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Excuses for self harm scars? Share. What will big cities look like in future? If your teen mentions cutting or self-harm, even as a joke, you should take it seriously. Hi my friend noticed several of my deep cuts on my thigh whilst in P.E today, she asked why I had them, and I couldn't give an answer so pretended I didn't hear her and went to the bathroom to avoid her. My legs are now full of discolouration, corn beef legs. Makeup does work amazingly either. Even before the NFL, Murray's talents were legendary, Doctors 'furious' about hospital's vaccine plan. One of the first questions self-harmers ask once in recovery is how fade the painful looking scars left behind. Essentially, scars are permanent. How do I stop feeling sad and enjoy myself between tomorrow and New Year so I can enjoy the Christmas Holidays despite lack of activities . I quit, but I still have scars and sometimes people ask about it) Answer Save. I use these a lot and hope it helps anyone!!!! ? - posted in Bulimia Discussions: Im currently in recovery and Im finally starting to come to terms with the fact that Ill have to wear a bathing suit this summer My only problem is that I have these very obvious self-harm scars on my upper thigh and I dont know how to hide them? You may have to find these in specialty stores or online. I use these a lot and hope it helps anyone!!!! No one says anything about them, but a few days ago at an after-work social function, a tipsy co-worker asked where I got them, and if they came from cutting myself. I would also suggest telling her that you're trying hard to find other ways to cope with the difficulties you're facing (whether you really are trying to stop or not). They're all pretty wacky, but your scars are probably pretty obvious so sometimes it's easier to be funny in serious and uncomfortable times. I am working on my issues, I haven’t self harmed since, I don’t plan to, I don’t have urges. My scars are like the most obvious self harm cutting scars ever there's no way I can pass it off as an accident or an animal or barbed wire or anything like that. If you're and outdoorsy person you can say you were scratched by branches. One of the topics we are often asked about on our Can You Tattoo Over Scars article has to do with self harm scars. Close. Again, age is one factor here. Cats if you know someone with one or just make them up. 0. You need to be prepared for her to not receive the news well, though. What are some excuses for self harm scars on thighs? (please answer the question and don't tell me that cutting is bad or whatsoever. It depends on how old you are, but I would suggest not giving any details unless she specifically asks for them. She quickly pulled her skirt back down and said she had to go. by fadingheart Follow. Thus causing the scars. Get answers by asking now. What are some excuses for self harm scars on thighs? Some people have self-harm scars, some people don’t. If you or someone you know needs help, visit our suicide prevention resources page. A scar forms as part of the natural healing process following an injury. You could try some bio oil or rescue oil or cocoa butter to help them fade a-bit before the appointment too. Believe me, I told my best friend, and she told my parents. I haven't cut in around 3 months, but I have very visible self harm scars. I don't think I've ever witnessed people admit openly to self-harm. Get your answers by asking now. Share via Email Report Story Send. One day at my aunt’s pool, my sister asked me about the scars on my shoulder; I think I made some lame excuse about getting scratches while hiking through briars. Choose a thick makeup. Whether you or someone you know or love struggles with self-injury, this is the community to discuss your experience, find support, meet others going through the same, and get advice on how to stop. I want to emphasize that bc that isn’t the point of this post. Unfortunately, people who self-harm not only have psychological scars from their behavior but physical ones too, and explaining self-harm scars to others can seem almost like an impossible task. The scars on my legs from cutting are long, deep and red. I stopped her and asked her about them and she said they were from about 6 months back when she was depressed. Self-harm is a way of coping with overwhelming emotional feelings such as sadness, self-hate, emptiness, or guilt by purposefully inflicting injury on oneself. If I'm in public and people see my scars (cuz I ain't goin wear long sleeves in 105° weather just to hide my scars, heat stroke ain't worth it.) What would be the best treatment for self-harming scars that are 7 years old and some are kinda deep/hypopigmented? They are still so noticible after 5 months. I’ve ... 1 EXPERT ANSWERS. How to make my boyfriend feel better about his Keratosis Pilaris? Today we were making out and i pulled her skirt up a bit and she had heaps of self harm scars on her legs. I am a very eccentric person. Look for a brand that has a good variety of shades to choose from. Every person’s relationship with their scars will be different; I am only just beginning to accept mine. Could you think of a scenario in which I would get long criss-crossed scratches across my thighs? Excuses for self harm scars? I have bipolar disorder, which I'm medicated for now, and I would self harm when I was in a depressive state. Not many people are open about their self-harming. I can't use the "it was the cat" excuse when people ask because there's too many. Relevance . Is it helpful or not helpful to adulate a narcissist, to avoid angering them? There are many brands that formulate their makeup specifically to cover tattoos or discoloration, and these are also the best types to use to try to cover scarring. 3,280 Members. You could say (to someone who doesn't really know you) that (depending on location) that you used to run through thorns and thickets as a child. The years since, I have applied anti-scarring cream and a vanishing cream. They have stayed this colour for about 3 months. Talking about self-injury is a giveaway that the behavior is on your child’s mind for some reason. I have been using bio oil dry skin gel but that hasnt helped the best. Your best bet in this case is probably just telling her that some people go running when they're upset and some people listen to loud music, but when you're upset you cut. They aren’t even much slimmer. If your teen mentions self-harm, use it … Working together, we can help find alternative coping skills to reduce the urge to self-harm. How Biden can rebuild trust in Department of Justice, J.Lo admits struggling with health, nutrition in pandemic, Prinze Jr.: I took Paul Walker friendship 'for granted', Rice doesn't mince words in response to Moss snub, Texas student suspended for manicure continues his fight, Former news anchor recalls behind-the-scenes drama, Pompeo: Massive hack was 'pretty clearly' Russian, Duo from adorable 1999 holiday commercial reunite. If you struggle with self-harm and you need support right now, call the crisis hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or text “START” to 741-741. Hope this helps!!!! (please answer the question and don't tell me that cutting is bad or whatsoever. Some people may struggle with self-harm for many years and it may take the form of a behaviour that routinely leaves large expanses of scarring. Different people will respond in different ways after hearing something like this. I went through a severe self-harm addiction after which I ended up with dark scars on one ankle, and entire left arm (up to my shoulder) and they have not faded much since I stopped, but I have stopped completely for quite awhile now. The first thing to keep in mind is protecting your scars to prevent them from getting worse. For me, the most harrowing aspect of self-harm wasn't the act itself but the months and years of finding silly excuses to skip the swimming pool, wearing ridiculously long sleeves in hot weather, and explaining to friends and family what I was struggling to understand myself. By fadingheart Ongoing - Updated Apr 10, 2014 Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. (read: I Cut Myself: The Shame and Secrecy of Self-Harm) This is completely understandable but there will always come a time when self-i… Excuses for self harm scars? I hope this helps (and I know that you're not crazy). Hope this helps!!!! Not only is the scar ugly and I’ve lost all my self esteem it’s so much more. People with self-harm scars (also known as self-injury scars or self-mutilation scars) may be embarrassed and not want to talk about what was undoubtedly a painful point in their lives. Just don't do it again and use the excuse that I landed on a tree. 18. I'd really appreciate it if anyone could give me some ideas :) thanks. They were done with a blade 5 months ago but I have been clean ever since so dont worry :) How can I cover these? Second - Try to stop, because cutting is a horrible habbit, some eventually someone is going to find out. Please, if you want to say any "Don't cut blah blah" don't waste your time. *I immediately sought out mental and physical help from trained professionals. Excuses for Self Harm Scars Non-Fiction. My scars tell the story of how I am growing and learning every day and becoming the best person I can be. People always ask me about it and I feel I need a better excuse than the ones I'm giving. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Can I get an exception from wearing a mask? Why would people who are narcissistic ask if I'll miss them? Favourite answer If they're scars and not fresh cuts, you could say that you were in a nasty car accident a while back and a tree branch broke through the windshield and got you in the … Depends … While it sometimes seems easier to make excuses (e.g. You could say (to someone who doesn't really know you) that (depending on location) that … Third- Wear longer short until the cuts heal. 3 Answers. the cat did it), lying can backfire. My body looks like a patch work quilt so I think I have earned the right to post this and lol at my own scars because if I don’t lol I will end up upset and hurt by how people react. If you have scars, I hope you can try your best to accept them because anyone who thinks any less of you for your past is not worth knowing. Fresh red/pink scars are very noticable, but faded white/pinkish scars actually aren't too bad. I have explicitly told only two people in my life: my brother and my wife. ( this is meant as a joke before anyone sends any crappy messages back). Just tell anyone who will listen that you want to be the centre of attention, and cutting is one way of getting there. They may fade greatly over time but they will never go away completely. As a self-harm survivor, I know how shameful self-harm scars can be. Excuses for Self Harm Scars 13.1K 146 113. by fadingheart. If they're scars and not fresh cuts, you could say that you were in a nasty car accident a while back and a tree branch broke through the windshield and got you in the leg...then you needed surgery. There was a video on youtube I saw once it was called '20 fun excuses for self harm scars' or something like that. JOIN. Should I bother trying to be more "normal"? Anonymous. Probably about 50 on one arm, 100 on the other, one arm is all dark scars and the other arm is older , slightly less noticeable scars.. So I have these scars on my upper thighs. Excuses for Self Harm Scars 13.1K Reads 146 Votes 1 Part Story. If they're fresh cuts that haven't scarred over, your friend will probably be able to see through any lie you tell you. School is starting soon and I'm gonna have to start changing for PE in front of other people. First - DON'T TELL HER.

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