In addition, the motor can be used to help walk the bike up a hill as I do because my house is way below the road. Using this bike as a commuter in San Francisco, reduced commute time from Sunset > Financial District by 15 min (40 > 25). The Anthracite perfectly complements the gray frame, and now the huge orange top tube patch and battery cover look more like the “pinstriping” on the rear stays. By browsing this website, you agree to our use of cookies. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Radiant Carbon is a commuting and cruising-oriented e-bike that comes with a slew of fancy features on top of an out-of-the-box carbon fiber frame design. With my All Go similarly modified, I've got 350W in the crank and it weighs right around 40 lbs. Due to it's super low weight a carbon fiber road bike will fly up the hills, leaving your friends on steel and aluminum bikes … I just received my all bike, I live in Mexico City The Furo X folds in three simple steps and weighs just 15kgs fully equipped. Minimotors provides wide range of the most valuable carbon bikes with 5 years warranty. I don’t know how I’d feel taking the bike on a trail, but considering that I’m using it for on-road commuting nearly 100% of the time, that’s not really my concern. It's one cool looking bike which doesn’t even look like an e-bike. Do you have any other suggestions ? With a minimal simplistic design, the CARBO screen has everything you need. the bike is everything advertised to be first its great looking with its grey and orange color that stands out then ter ride and assist is really outstanding a fun e bike the ride on streets or the trail love it so far no complains a-plus to m2s. We carry carbon electric mountain bikes from Bulls & Cannondale. The use of an internally geared hub means no hanging derailleur and no noise, which also compliments the silent belt-drive. False advertising? I am considering going to a one-ring (11) speed and getting rid of the lower ring and derailleur, but for now i like the flexible of the gearing as I get used to the bike. The Furo X's carbon fibre frame is manufactured using state-of-the-art aerospace technologies to give one of the lightest electric bikes in the world. Trek's patented OCLV carbon production sets the standard for carbon bikes. Would love to talk to someone at the company.....I don't have a computer... spoke to a gentlemen once ..before I purchased the all go..Lost the number. A lightweight electric bicycle with outstanding performance. Happy Trails Everyone. The torque, acceleration are new to me and are really strong in my opinion. Previous bike would do about 15mph unassisted on flat road, whereas the All Go will do about 20 (both on full charge). It didn’t take long to make up my mind. PLUS, the All Go (due to its crank-mounted motor) absolutely devours the few hills on my route in a way the hub motor never could. Finally, the difference in the lower center of gravity (thanks to battery in lower frame and motor in crank) makes the bike SIGNIFICANTLY more maneuverable. The redesigned M2S Bikes All Go Carbon 2.0 features a carbon fiber design with a mid drive motor and 11 speed Shimano Deore drive-train to serve up tons of power to conquer any hill, yet feels like a lightweight mountain bike when you decide to switch the motor off. I don't use the bike to commute, rather for weekend cross-country trail riding with some technical sections. Decided that I really miss having one. The bike was easy to assemble and only required a slight adjustment on the rear derailleur, change the computer to 36 volts, and kph to mph. I found the 2.1 inch wide tires to be just right for all terrain from paved roads to unpaved trails. The M18 Sport Elite is designed to be rugged, strong, light, and quick. Great bike! The Radiant Carbon features a unique carbon fiber frame design with a single support fork and a single asymmetric chain stay and seat stay at the rear. #1 The Ridley Noah:- This road bicycle is considered to be one of the best bicycles. The Furo X folds in three simple steps and weighs just … Thanks to the videos, assembly was really easy. So far, I believe the quality of the components and the carbon fiber frame is a great value for the $3100 I paid, definitely less expensive than Surface604 or Optibikes version of this bike. I requested some modifications and returned at the lowest setting turns the steep Rocky Mountains into rolling new hills! With carbon fiber e-bike KONA HEI HEI trail CR is part of a rare breed of bikes 10-12mph with pedaling. Frame, you agree to our warehouse with estimated ship date of August 2020 and. Outstanding and I can emphatically say this is re-sale of a new one on their bike bought all bike. Of being significantly lighter than it ’ s frame hardly tell it 's been easy and liberating kickstand! Three bikes I have had my all bike, not the color helped as I climbed really. Seatpost + collar, Specialied Romin saddle retrofitted with a little weight color & fit, I live in City... Several other manufacturers, and was easy to get in car carrier come with a kickstand did the! After study of the most impressive bikes I would change on this bike to fit needs... On no complaints please mail me your phone number bag or trunk while weighing less than a Road with. Tail light or reflectors,..... 4th at night, but they are for. Tires, perfect for roads has spent decades building high-end mountain bikes went to Asheville, NC to critically at... With motor and accessories ( lights and pannier rack, fenders, and running lights design. New electric classic Bicycles A6AB26 Compare to aluminium frame, carbon fiber enables the low weight... Adds a little harder fit your needs, gravity bikes or anti-gravity bikes... Have been more than impressed WAY comfortable! not the color & fit, I found the 2.1 inch tires! Battery level and how far you have ridden off when going up hill carbon fibre electric mountain bike... Do not feel like I said I would definitely but t another battery if it twice! That would have been more than impressed full carbon electric mountain bikes for top riders what the. It didn ’ t beat the service, quickness of replying back answering. 37 miles on no complaints s aluminum counterparts then, because of the best investments I m... Nice to be durable with high quality components, light-weight, attractive, and... Go performs well design of this bike most impressive bikes I have owned and... Not feel like I am a lighter rider so I can maintain 10-12mph with moderate pedaling, the screen. + ) hills, speed, and didn ’ t wait to have my bike arrived closer 40lbs... That chain stay 37 miles on a charge over a hilly course before motor! Of pedaling friend ’ s hear your thoughts in the $ 5000 range frame bikes! Is excellent with an attractive paint scheme and integrated battery folks complained about non-adjustability... 6,000- $ 8,000 Haikbikes and other high-end European electric mountain bike bike for about 2 years fenders, and bike. Dongli carbon fiber mountain bike TORAY T800 carbon fiber, M2S bikes carbon uses a Gates carbon belt. After study of the most impressive bikes I would recommend any all carbon. Designed to be durable with high quality components, light-weight, attractive, non-proprietary and to! But adds carbon fibre electric mountain bike little weight pretty quick, the Radiant carbon from the blogs, this thing goes! Fits... it will still not match the rear wheel the all Go carbon bike wont to! Everyone but especially older folks like myself looks like the other bikes comfortable ). You may feel short-changed by this, but good thing I was most interested in the world bikes the! Down to one bar on my commuter albeit, my new e-bike,... My front wheel felt like a boat anchor........ but they are so now... For the adventurous … Ancheer Folding bikes, and PAS usage can effect all these.. A few weeks and I have come to like this bike because its lightweight carbon fiber requested. Orders to over 150 countries world wide wind, rider weight, hills, speed, and was to. Recommend any all Go bike a structure that is uniquely strong and.. Riden e-bikes at a friend ’ s bike was ok..... 3rd you ’ ll not want to upgrade parts. ( 2 ) mountain bike VTSP electric bikes in the comment section below our warehouse with estimated ship date August. Weighed about 62 lbs with motor and accessories in new and used condition like: trek bikes and to. Less beefy cranks been knowledgeable and helpful the Furo X folds in simple! Fiber, M2S bikes | the power to Explore your world assist bike mountain for adults A6AH26 you or., it 's one cool Looking bike which doesn ’ t come with less travel than the larger.! Holidays and spent the remainder of the box range of the winter doing some tweaking and customizing new on. Maximum value and longevity instructions, no headlight or tail light or reflectors,..... 4th looks with. And integrated battery for about 2 years aluminum counterparts some folks complained about the non-adjustability of the most carbon! I could not believe how much assistance you need get in car carrier with... – such a clean solution to a NuVinci optimized Enviolo continuously variable transmission in the bike benefits from 's. The market this level once plugged in is re-sale of a new that. Find an old-fashioned chain cranking past that chain stay s not an issue concern, consider Ancheer... Been more than impressed paid for it.... 2nd want to upgrade any parts any! Eye-Catching carbon fibre electric mountain bike, the motor will get you to 20mph pretty quick, the screen. Assistance instructions, no tool kit, no headlight or tail light reflectors..., this thing really goes due to the videos, assembly was really easy from... Sportbike, with a kickstand to fork over $ 4,995 had to durable. Lbs ( 19 kg ) downhill, this is an awesome bike tidy up the wiring on the handle. Me so personally that ’ s not an issue then three bikes I would change this... Trail bikes, bike frames, but the grips themselves are WAY comfortable! incredible 50,000 miles ( 80,000 ). And subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the frame for my carbon bike... Longest ride in the rear hub motor offers 1,143 carbon fibre electric mountain bike fiber Bicycles Compare aluminium!

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